Our Interactive Yoga Studio in Santa Monica

When we made our yoga studio in Santa Monica, we checked out many other kinds of yoga studio. We got a pretty clear idea of what worked and what didn’t. That way, when we designed our studio, we could make them have the best of all worlds. That same level of thought and detail went into our classes, too. We have many different kinds of yoga classes.  In fact, we have classes that manage to incorporate yoga exercises with Pilates and more. In this blog, we’ll go over some of what our interactive yoga studio in Santa Monica has to offer.

About our Interactive Yoga Studio in Santa Monica

The main goal at our yoga studio is to renew the “prana” in you. No, it’s not a kind of seafood. “Prana” is a name for the life/energy force within our bodies. When you feel energetic, when you feel full of life, that’s prana. As you might imagine, that’s also something that gets worn down throughout the stresses and duties of a normal day. When that energy is blocked or stopped, the stopping and blocking of that energy is referred to as “bandhu.” Our yoga is designed to reduce or even outright eliminate the bandhu within you. We are working to develop a successful pranayama practice within you. “Pranayama” is a variety of breathing exercises, often referred to as “the breath of life”.


Vinyasa Flow Class

For many beginners, this is their first yoga class. One of the more rewarding experiences as a yoga instructor is to see someone come to their first yoga class. Maybe they’re a little unsure, perhaps they’re a bit nervous, but far more often than not, we see that moment where they get truly into the yoga. There’s a real feeling when someone discovers all that yoga can do for them. If we bring one person to that in this class, it’s a success. In the years that Have Body Wellness has been open, and accepting, making us the right choice for people when they are looking for an interactive yoga studio in Santa Monica


That’s one of the biggest benefits to taking our yoga classes: the way it can calm your mind and body. Indeed, in our Vinyasa flow class, you’ll experience your breath as well as the fluidity of your movement. You can settle your mind and even your soul with us on the yoga mat. That means that you won’t be worried about what you have to do after yoga class, or what you failed to finish before the yoga class started. You won’t be endlessly repeating your to do list or your worries to yourself. Those are just a few of the calming benefits of our yoga classes.

Restorative Yoga

This class is exactly what it sounds like. Designed specifically to restore your body as well as your mind, this is one of our most calming classes. Indeed, we refer to this class as “gentle.” It’s appropriate for all levels. If you’re new to yoga, you can begin to fully ascertain how yoga can help you to restore yourself. By that same token, even if you’re very experienced with yoga and