Sound Baths at Have Body Wellness

Sound Baths can be a great form of meditation. The practice uses the vibrations of objects that resonate such as tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, as well as the human voice, to provide deep relaxation and stimulate healing.  Vibrations are not only heard but also felt. Due to its non-invasive form of Meditation, Sound…

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Prenatal Pilates at Have Body Wellness

Staying active during pregnancy doesn’t have to be a challenge. Pilates is a low-impact workout that offers many benefits during and after pregnancy. Pilates’ customizable nature makes it an excellent workout for expecting women. Modifications can be offered throughout a pregnancy according to their specific needs. One of the many benefits of Pilates is that…

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Balance Classes in Los Angeles at Have Body Wellness

Balance is needed for the day to day mobility. Balance is having control of your body. The more one is in control over their bodies, the more smoothly they are able to do things. Being able to move effortlessly allows for the prevention of injuries. A strong core is vital to having balance. Weak cores…

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Yoga Studios in Santa Monica

Ways to Choose the Best Yoga Studios in Santa Monica

Doing yoga can offer you many wonderful benefits. Yoga can help improve your health while providing greater flexibility and balance. This can improve your concentration, increase relaxation, and help you recover from injuries. With all the wonderful advantages available, it is no wonder that millions of people across the country are taking yoga classes for…

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Find Pilates Classes in Los Angeles CA

In southern California, there are many Pilates classes. In fact, you can find Pilates classes in Los Angeles CA that offer some great interactive courses.  We know that you have so many different Pilates options here. At Have Body Wellness, we’ve been running Pilates classes for thirteen years. In that time, we’ve learned so much…

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Our Pilates Classes in Los Angeles

If you’ve ever taken a Pilates class before, then you know that no two classes are the same. Each instructor and location treats their Pilates differently. Here at Have Body Wellness, we have multiple kinds of Pilates classes for our customers. As everyone is at different levels of fitness as well as understanding of Pilates,…

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